Looking for
Internet? GPS?

With Viniwee, you can now save on both the battery life as well as internet! Viniwee’s uses Bluetooth technology, thus saving your internet bandwidth as well as smart phone battery.

We deliver
your wants and preferences!

Your tastes and preferences are our top most priority! With the help of our latest in-built technology, we show you amazing offers. There is no spam in the push notifications as well plus you can pick and choose the restaurants you want to be updated about. We are a mind-reader app!


With Viniwee, you will go all in,
with absolutely not going out at all!

Have a mesmerizing and unforgettable dining or a shopping experience with our exclusive partners who offer amazing discounts at your favorite retailers.

No swipe, simply scan:

Whenever a customer visits your restaurant for the very first time, they can simply acquire their points and offers through QR code scan. Your customers are saved from the hassles of carrying around their cards as well as the fear of losing their card. Only one scan per card is allowed.

We miss out on almost nothing! We keep record of all the latest discounts and offers provided by our partner restaurants and retailers near you!

Availing the best of the best

Availing the best of the best!

With our partners all across Vadodara , you get the best offers on your points as well as offers you can bank on. Avail special discounts which our merchants provide on the points you collect. We ensure that you get redemptions right away with the points as well.

We make sure that each and every point you collect is redeemed without any hassle and our partners will make sure that the services will not be compromised.